Middle Eastern Music and Dance

Anka Kusu

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Miriam H.F. Berger
Director / Choreographer / Dancer

A founding member of Anka Kusu, Miriam has been taking dance, theater and movement lessons of one sort or another since she was 5 years old - ballet, jazz, acting, improvisation, stage choreography and theatrical makeup classes all caught her attention. In the early 90's, involvement in local Renaissance Festivals gave Miriam her initial contact with belly dancing and set her feet on the path of her passion.  She took informal lessons from many of the Renaissance Festival's dancers for a little while, and then began formal study of belly dance in 2004.  With formal classes came opportunities to perform, and she hasn't looked back. Miriam’s unique style has developed through her focus on Classic Oriental Dance, ATS (American Tribal Style) and its many offshoots, with a healthy dose of Middle Eastern folkloric dance as well.

To see more about Miriam's solo work please see www.MiriamNJ.com

Tina Lubin


Tina's interest in Tribal Fusion Belly Dance started in 2005 when a friend convinced her to join the fun in Peggy Eckert’s class. Casual interest soon turned to abiding love and Tina began adding more classes to her schedule.  A member of Anka Kasu since 2008, Tina enjoys combining her love of dancing with the theater and performance skills she cultivated in college.

Linda "Lydia" Finne


Linda has been belly dancing on and off since the 80’s; her skills, smile, and exceptional zills performance have quickly made her a recognizable figure in the SCA. Linda has outlasted 3 dance partners and 2 troupes, and she is now thrilled to be exploring tribal style dancing with Anka Kusu.  Lydia also runs a weekly drum circle and can be seen playing her doumbek with Peshembe!, a Middle Eastern-style band.

Rounissha Williams


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Anka Kusu is grateful for the incredible talent and dedication of every member who has performed with us.  Previous members include:

  • Barbara Klein
  • Athena McAlarney
  • Lisa DeVos
  • Jenness Territo